Aero Manyelo,
Booka Shade,
Bruce Loko,
Eagles & Butterflies,
Roland Leesker,
Ryan Murgatroyd,
System Of Survival

Creaductions, an experienced team of culturally aware promoters, are taking over a historic former bullring in Barcelona. It will see them put on three VERY Limited amount of free, invite-only and magical open air events to celebrate their second anniversary and show off their most unique venue, at Plaza de Toros La Monumental. The showcases run from 15th to 17th June with 15 Years Get Physical, This and That and Ten Walls Presenting his latest Album “Queen” all lining up.
As they have done in previous years, these parties take place at La Monumental, formerly the largest bullring in Barcelona, but here going under the name of La Gran Corrida Cultural. It is a spectacular setting built in 1914 and at one time held nearly 20,000 people. No longer in use as a bullring, it has a breathtaking architectural style and these events a rare chance to experience one of Barcelona’s most amazing monuments in the hot sun. Previously the likes of Luciano (Official Page), Audiofly, Rossko, Dario Rossi, CaboSanRoque, and a Hot Creations party last June with Richy Ahmed, Patrick Topping, Skream, wAFF, Heartthrob, Nathan Barato, Denney, Mark Jenkyns have all played here and more than made their mark. These events are VERY Limited free, but invite only, and you can sign up for the chance to get tickets here
First up on the 15th of June is a Get Physical Music showcase celebrating it´s 15 years of activity featuring key artists from the label. Over the years, the cult outfit set up by DJ T., M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade has carved out its own sonic empire, with many house and tech styles all covered by their hundreds of EPs, LPs and revered compilations such as the iconic Body Language series. They have also put on many great events all over the world and have continued to set their own trends rather than follow them, all while mixing up big established names with rising newcomers. Audiofly, Booka Shade, Aero Manyelo, BRUCE LOKO, Eagles & Butterflies, M.A.N.D.Y., Roland Leesker, Ryan Murgatroyd and System Of Survival: all play!
Then comes Ten Walls presents Queen on June 16th, which is a debut album tour event from the key Lithuania house and tech producer. The album is a musical story that covers many moments in the producer’s life. It comes on Runemark and is a two disc affair that features collaborations with singers Jonatan Bäckelie, Monika Liu and ALX, pianist Petras Geniusas, cello player Vytautas Sondeckis, bass guitarist Domas Aleksa (bass player), acoustic drummer Marijus Aleksa and string performers overseen by the conductor Ricardas Sumila. Joining him will be Sébastien Léger, Delano Smith, Pablo Bolívar, Idriss D, Jade - CA, and more.
Then on Saturday June 17th is a much loved and cult This And That Lab Showcase to celebrate its 5th birthday. The This and That lab—helmed by Davide Squillace, the legendary Italian DJ and DC10 Ibiza regular— The “Lab” is famous for combining music, art and culture to provide a platform for like-minded artists to develop a host of creative projects. He aims to nourish the underground music and art world with each new release and these parties see the production of individual pieces of art from a wide spectrum of platforms, so they truly are vivid and original like no other event in the world. Nic Fanciulli, Anja Schneider, Haiku 575, Manuel del Giudice also play with the boss.



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