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Nick Monaco

Greg Pidcock


Mr Storyman presents FICTION



Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Nick Monaco only has one secret — and it's that Nick Monaco is his real name. He's never afraid to be exposed.

He is a fluid, eclectic spirit, a way of being in the world. He's the guy that you swear that you know from somewhere. But it's not him that you recognize. It's the familiar, essential, pulse of his art and aura.

With his first two albums, Mating Call and Half Naked, Nick Monaco established himself as an irresistibly magnetic, relentlessly creative, and genre-defying artist in dance music. Now, with the creation of his new label, Unisex Records, and his forthcoming LP Heroin Disco, he announces himself again as one of the most original and insightful artists working in the genre. Always creating music toward the values of inclusivity, radical self-expression, the strange and uncanny, Monaco stands as a powerful and positive force against the homogeneity of mainstream dance music, asking everyone to wave their freak flags high along with him.

On Mating Call, Monaco created a series of personas to explore various facets of his personality. On his last album, Half Naked, he stripped these characters away, writing his most personal music yet. But with 2018’s Heroin Disco, Monaco turns his attention outward: he explores the excesses and emptiness of contemporary America, the relationship between pleasure and self-destruction — inviting the listener at each moment to both enjoy pleasure, and wonder what is at stake in that enjoyment. The album’s ease, psychedelia, and mellifluousness serve not to hide the darker thematic elements, but to frame them—we surreptitiously lose ourselves in the pleasurable wash of sound, only to jolt back to reality with Monaco’s sharp, dystopian lyricism.

Through his music, enthralling performances, collaborations with artists of all media, impeccable musical curation, and worldwide touring, Nick Monaco has created more than just a holistic sensory experience — he's created a community, a network of lovers.


‘When I was 6 years old I got electrocuted by a neon sign in Thailand. Something about that changed me, and I knew electronic music was something I needed to pursue’

Emerging from a childhood spent on the road, Greg Pidcock’s music sheds light on his journey through the unique locations that have shaped him. The raw, gritty tones of this 24-year-old's music depict scenes of isolation, explo- ration, and a search for the self. Deeply connected to his art, the creation process is very much a cathartic one, as he uses music to understand his own thoughts and actions.

A formally trained artist, Greg received his BFA in Intermedia & Cyberarts when he was 20. He has stayed true to his roots and continues to explore both sonic and visual mediums. Introduced to Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, heads of the world famous and respected Hot Creations label in 2012, Pidcock was quickly signed to the label and has spent the last year working on his debut album.

Leading up to this signing was a colorful journey that took Greg from painting graffiti on the streets of Lima, to witnessing the birth of the house scene in Mumbai, before finally leading him to Montreal for his studies. A few months after his arrival he began working at Montreal’s legendary Cherry nightclub, eventually taking the role of Creative Director while DJing alongside legends. This lead to the formation of Bad Pony Records with Tone Depth of Bedrock fame- a process which firmly cemented his goals of creating music and art.

Currently the resident DJ at the renowned Velvet Nightclub in Montreal and working with Turkish composer, Mercan Dede, as a sound engineer, Greg Pidcock is about to explode onto the international scene with his blend of passionate, sexy, heavy house. His deep vocals and warm melodies will usher in a new voice in the dance world.


Toltec is a young/dynamic upcoming DJ from Évian-les-Bains(74). After spending many years in the mountains he decided to start his journey in Hackney wick, East London, and has made his way to Barcelona with his loved ones to open up one of the trendiest venues today in Barcelona, Atipico. Whilst building this community filled with art, music and creativity Toltec came to discover his own passion for electronic music after many long nights of listening and becoming acquaint with the electronic music world. One of his biggest inspirations though was Bahri Djinn (Riviera Gang 280) who’s story gave Toltec the push to commence his journey in the techno and house world.



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